Restoration of tombstone

Restoration of tombstone

As we have mentioned several times, a stone is a material whose durability is practically limitless. It is a high-quality material and the monuments that are erected are artworks full of nobility and history. Unfortunately, time still has an impact on the stone. This is why many companies offer tombstone restoration.

Has your tombstone been damaged over the years? We are able to restore it directly in the cemetery and even do repairs if necessary. Whether marble, granite or other stones, we will bring back the original look to your monument.

A technique that stands out
What sets us apart from the competition in the restoration of funerary monuments is our unique, innovative and respectful technique we use with the stone.

At Monuments Gagnon, the sandblast cleaning technique has not been used for more than 15 years, as it prematurely ages the granite, making it more porous each time. Unfortunately, this obsolete method is still too much used by the competition and remains well known in the popular trend.

Our mobile unit and the factory are equipped with a powerful pressurized water jet machine and we use an environmental compliant cleaning product that allows us to carry out a complete and efficient restoration kit without attacking the integrity of the monument.

By doing business with us for the restoration of your gravestone, you make the right choice.

Whether for small restorations or major architectural projects, we will be able to collaborate and participate in its realization.

We have the expertise and technology for small and large projects.

Examples of tombstone restoration