Funeral monument lettering

"... and he writes his name on the stone"

With Monuments Gagnon, avoid middlemen. We offer a lettering service directly to the cemetery. Our mobile unit is equipped as a portable factory. It contains a computer system, allowing us to adapt to all types of existing engraving regardless of the place of manufacture of your tombstone. The efficiency of the numerical control (CNC) cutting machine ensures an extremely precise and regular lettering compared to what one could see at the time of the manual cutting. The versatility of our equipment allows us to complete the existing lettering or to add new engraving by ensuring a perfect arrangement with the existing one.

The main technique used is sandblasting. Regardless of the finish of the stone or the chosen font, we are able to carry out the work according to the highest quality standards. If necessary, a painting can be used to accentuate the contrast of the lettering.

The quality of our mobile engraving service is recognized throughout Quebec and many companies call us to carry out their cemetery lettering contracts. If we do not cover your territory, we will recommend competent professionals who will meet all your needs according to the standards of Monuments Gagnon.

In addition, we offer the service of preparation of stencil lettering that can be sent to companies as well as to individuals, at a reasonable cost.

Would you like to have your monument engraved? Contact us and we will do the engraving on our next visit to the cemetery. During the summer season, we offer the cemetery lettering service on a regular basis throughout our territory, By choosing Monuments Gagnon, you are assured of a fast, efficient and quality lettering service.

We understand that during the death of your loved one, it is important to pay tribute to the memory of a missing person by engraving his name and personal information on the existing monument. We ensure that the work will be done in the respect of our customers and your loved ones.

Today's Quebec has been enriched by many cultures and multiethnic communities that are now part of our identity. Monuments Gagnon has adapted to this cultural evolution and now offers to its customers to engrave in the language of their choice. We did the acquisition of many lettering fonts which allow everyone to find satisfaction.

In addition to the engraving service at the cemetery, our factory is also fully equipped to perform all the work you give us, whatever the size of it. We already had the chance to make several major lettering contracts. For example, the Hong Kong Veteran Memorial, in Ottawa, is a monument over 20’ long on which we have engraved more than 32,000 letters, which means that with Monuments Gagnon, every project is possible! We pay particular attention to each of the projects that you give to us whatever its size. We invite you to consult the tab ‘’Our achievements’’ to get a more concrete idea of our work.

Finally, it is important to note that in addition to being leaders in the field of engraving on funerary monuments, Monuments Gagnon has developed an important network of contacts in the field of architecture and entrepreneurship has resulted in our participation in several major architectural projects across North America. 

You can now order or obtain a price for your lettering of funerary monuments directly on our website using our easy-to-use the order form.