Frequently asked questions

All cemeteries in Quebec have internal regulations that stipulate the rights and obligations that lot owners must respect when installing a monument. This regulation concerns the styles, colors, materials, foundations and sizes permitted for the installation of new memorials.

Before buying a monument, it is necessary to inform the cemetery presbytery where the monument will be installed. Unfortunately, following the purchase of a monument that does not comply with the cemetery's by-laws, all related expenses, including the return and modification of the tombstone, are the responsibility of the purchaser. In conclusion, by inquiring with the parish factory and ordering a monument that meets the regulations, you will save additional expenses. Better to inform yourself before the purchase to avoid bad surprises.

Questions to ask the cemetery's secretariat

When you contact the cemetery officials, there are several questions you need to ask. Here are some questions that may help you:

It is a priority to be aware of the rules in the cemetery in question.

We won't directly contact your graveyard. However, we will be happy to fill in the necessary documentation for the proper installation of your tombstone. A copy will be sent to you and to the cemetery.

We have a wide selection of models available to answer your needs. Please, verify with the cemetery which type of stone is allowed.

At the request of the client, we can paint the lettering and/or the drawing of the memorial produced. The paint used is specially designed for its use on stone.

Black or gray paint: The lettering on gray tombstones is often accompanied by black or gray paint. Painting greatly increases the contrast and ease of reading.

White paint: In most cases, the white paint is used with a darker stone. For instance, it is mostly used with black granite, Red Deed Mahogany, Pearl Blue, Indian Red. It is also used to increase the contrast of the lettering.

Golden paint: Golden paint can be used to increase the quality of drawings or lettering. For example, it may be used to enhance the contrast for alliances on a black granite monument.

Our collection of drawings contains hundreds of different models to represent your loved one. A drawing can be added to the stone without any additional cost.

We offer a wide choice of colors to meet all your needs.
For example, we offer gray, pink, black, blue, red, green and brown granites. We have samples of all colors available to help you make the choice that represents yourself and your loved one.

If this is a cemetery requirement, the lot number is indicated on the right or on the left, small, at the bottom of the tombstone.

There are many sizes allowed by the cemetery. The size may vary depending on the size of the lot purchased. You must buy a tombstone that meets these requirements.

We will send you a copy of the contract and the approval sketch when you place your order. You should keep a copy for yourself.

To preserve a photo on the monument that will resist over time, Monuments Gagnon offers you three unique choices.

First, ceramic photos are often used to represent the deceased. A variety of porcelain shapes are available to you: oval, square, heart and rectangular.

In addition, we can also reproduce your photo with hand-made etching. In other words, it is a reproduction of the photograph by an artist, made entirely by hand.

Finally, a new technology has appeared in recent years. This is the laser etching or percussion engraving method. It is much more efficient, much more precise and it gives a flawless result, very detailed of the chosen photo.