Choosing the right funerary monument

When it comes the time of choosing a funerary monument, some principles are important to consider as it is a significant event. As a human being, we have the tendency to postpone everything. Thus, the purchase of the tombstone is often relegated to the last rank of priorities when we are caught in the incessant whirlwind of life.

Yet, it is a step that we will all have to go through. Why not taking the time to make a choice that suits us and represents who we are. Much more than stone, the funerary monument becomes a memorial that will remain engraved in memories for decades. We believe that pre-funeral arrangements should become more and more rooted in culture, as this is undeniably the best way to choose the image we want to leave behind

By making the decision to work with Monuments Gagnon, we ensured you of a simple and effective process. Here is an overview of the steps we will take to guarantee your complete satisfaction. The choice of the right tombstone is made in several steps: 

1. Firstly, you must inquire with the cemetery of the effective regulations.

2. Then, you have to choose the color of the stone. This has a major impact on the cost of the monument. 

3. Afterward, it is important to choose the drawings and engravings on the stone, so as to commemorate in a personalized way the life of the person for whom the stone will be produced. This will have the effect of leaving a faithful memory for future generations. 

4. Fourthly, when all these choices have been made, we can proceed with the development of an electronic sketch for your monument including drawing and lettering. 

5. Following this step, you will still be able to make changes to the plan at no additional cost. When it is approved, we will proceed with the production of the monument.

We are proud to offer you a very wide choice of memorials in inventory. It is possible to find stones of all colors and sizes, which will allow you to find the monument that suits you. You can search for monuments in our virtual inventory from the Inventory tab. For any additional information, you can reach us at any time and we will be pleased to answer you. Good research! 

Our inventory has more than 500 monuments and several thousand models are available. This is why Monuments Gagnon is able to offer you monuments with the highest quality standards, which will allow you to choose the right one for your budget.

Mausoleum projects


You can now order or get a price for your customized headstone directly on our website with our easy-to-use design tool.

Customize your stone

Customizing the monument with a photo of the deceased or an image that corresponds well to his life can keep a lasting and faithful memory for future generations. 

To provide a better service to customers who are far from our head office, you will find over a hundred choices of designs and lettering styles. Whether you are looking for a lithography (etching), a sandblasting sculpture or a laser/impact drawing you will be able to make a wise choice among these models. 

On the other hand, if you have a drawing to submit to us that is not part of this selection, we will be pleased to reproduce it at no additional cost. Our factory drawing unit has more than 3000 different models. You will have to understand that we cannot put it completely in this section. That's why you can communicate directly with us or one of our representatives to benefit from a more complete choice. The drawings can be adapted no matter the size of the chosen monument. It is also possible to modify it according to your preferences. 


The Shape Carving: A technique increasingly rare, but used with pride here.

More and more companies are abandoning the shape carving technic in their manufacture of monuments due to a lack of skilled labor and must come back to flat carving drawings, as in the old monuments . At Monuments Gagnon, we are honored to continue to offer this technique to our customers, especially our roses that our team of experienced sculptors will realize with passion and interest to offer you the best product on the market.