Granite bench

Granite bench

Through its constant desire to diversify and go further, the company, which was originally exclusively engraving gravestones, is renewed and offers diverse and quality products to its customers. We have even reached the point of offering you accessories that are not directly related to the funeral monument industry.

Indeed, Monuments Gagnon is proud to offer a wide range of granite benches that will perfectly fill the surroundings of parks, cemeteries, outdoor trails or golf courses. Moreover, there is no limit to what we can do in term of style and model, since we can easily customize our products.

Do you own a golf course? Why not engrave the number and the map of the holes in front of a magnificent stone bench mounted on two giant granite golf balls. It is just as easy to engrave thoughts or quotes on the back on the bench which is installed through a path or a public park where citizens can spend a relaxing day after a hard day's work. Even installed in your backyard, this type of product will suit your needs. Whether rustic or modern, it is extremely durable and versatile. If you choose to install one of these benches at home, your good taste will certainly be unnoticed!

Sometimes, for a few dollars more, it can be a winner to choose granite, a noble and durable material, rather than wood or cast iron whose life is significantly shorter.

For one more step, it is possible to combine the practical and stylized side of the granite bench and the solemn aspect and funerary monument in one and the same item. You can have a granite bench in which you place the ashes of your dear and thus preserve the memory.