A stone engraved for you

It is important to know that two possibilities of drawing techniques are available on the market. Monuments Gagnon has the talent, the skills, the technology and the creativity to achieve an engraving that represents what you want to express. We engrave with a laser/impact technique and the hand-made etching technique. 


See our impact reproduction of a portrait.

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Laser/Impact technique

With its laser and impact engraving technology, Monuments Gagnon will be able to meet your needs. 

The technology of laser and impact engraving on a stone is absolutely revolutionary in our field. Indeed, it is particularly suitable for polished black granite stones. In fact, the result depends on the homogeneity of the stone and the fineness of its grain. Monuments Gagnon has put a lot of effort into finding the most homogeneous granite and the best grain to achieve its engraving and is proud to offer a product whose quality remains unmatched. The engraving on stone cannot be done in depth because of the rigidity of the material. It is then etched on its surface. The laser and impact reproduces the image on the thin top layer of the stone printing the finest details. The finished product is beautiful and always surprises us with an almost perfect reproduction of the original image. In addition, laser and impact engraving has the interesting feature of being as durable as traditional engraving.

This drawing technique allows you to make small as well as large drawings. Thus, we can engrave a portrait or even a full-size landscape. Unlike manual reproduction, the expression of the face is perfectly replicated. Of course, the result produced is always correlated with the quality of the original photo (the photo provided must have a resolution of 300 dpi real size). 

By using this technique, you can give customized characteristics to your monument and remember your loved one or an event in a very personal way. 

We can also make engravings on decorative plates in granite, which can be installed on the existing monument. 

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions, we will find the solution to answer your needs and give you satisfaction.


We also offer a photography etching service (lithography), which consists of making photo reproduction directly on the stone manually. In other words, the picture, drawing or portrait is hand-made by our artist-draftsman.