Our projects

Our expertise is exported far beyond the province of Quebec

We regularly participate in various projects for several architectural firms in Canada and in the United States.

For several years now, we have been regularly approached by architects and entrepreneurs looking for a dynamic and experienced company in the stone and granite industry. From the New York African Burial Monument to the Hong Kong Memorial Project in Ottawa, they always found what they were looking for with Monument Gagnon.

By looking at our portfolio, we quickly see that our expertise goes far beyond the funerary monument. In this type of project, our close collaboration with various stakeholders has always been appreciated in order to complete these major achievements. Our support to project managers, architects and contractors have always been of paramount importance to make every project evolving in a positive way.

Since 2010, Monuments Gagnon has built a new factory of more than 40,000 square feet, allowing us to carry out projects requiring much more than just lettering. We are now able to collaborate globally on projects and to achieve all stages of production avoiding intermediaries and thus, lowering costs for the customer.

Here are some projects we have contributed to with our expertise in stone engraving: